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DRKMATRCOSPLAY is Our Indigenous based company that exists to serve it's own people with pride and respect . We are a Custom 3D print company That serves the general public but is geared towards indigenous needs. Please have a look through our gallery and see what we've been up to the last 2 yrs Commerce site will open very soon. We are opeN for business so feel free to contact us and get a quote Also see the videos down below for prices and products Thank you, Matt McDavid 

DMC 2 .jpeg

not to make $$$

Get to Know Us

  I wanted to do something good with my 60's scoop settlement so I bought a High end 3D printer and went to town.

After two years and hundreds of incredible items I mastered my machine and 3d printing.

That's when I began to create a product that promoted healing and closure but was also inexpensive to the indigenous peoples. My friend asked me to make them a monument with my printer and now we are going to make 100's of them. We are very flexible and can help you just ask.

Matt McDavid DMC  


Here is what we have so Far for Memorials (Grave markers) we have several prototypes being made for large scale production so please visit us often for more updates to our product line

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